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Nordic walking in Frome, Bath, Somerset
‘Nordic walking really does the biz! I have lost weight and got fit whilst out in the countryside with like-minded people. Fantastic!!’    Val
‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’
R.W Emerson
This is the perfect exercise tool, particularly if you are coming back to exercise, or are carrying an injury. Using poles (supplied) to propel you along, Nordic Walking makes something we can all do twice as effective. With the correct technique you will:
  • Use 90% of your body’s muscle tissue.
  • Burn 40 % more calories than ordinary walking.

Nordic Walking is:

  • great exercise for you heart and lungs
  • great for neck, shoulder and back problems
  • perfect for dodgy knees
  • great for feeling good and having fun.

Walks last for just over an hour and take place at various venues around Frome

Free 45 Minute Taster Sessions available
Here is a sample walking programme. Please email me for the latest programme.
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